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Composite Decks

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Your deck must be made of a material that will last safely, maintaining its beauty.  Composite materials are an excellent way to ensure that this is the case. The combination of natural wood and plastic ensures that its features are ideal for an outdoor living space. It offers you huge flexibility of aesthetic, style, and shape, as well as the added benefits of increased durability, and damage resistant feautures. Work with our experts to make the right decision for your needs, investing a little more into the installation stage to save you more in the long run!

What is a composite deck?

Composite decking is a deck made of a material that blends plastic and wood fiber. The combination means that it offers the best properties of wood and plastic to ensure the best sustainability being exposed to the outdoors. The material offers great variety, but commonly offers the natural and authentic aesthetic of wood, with increased durability because of the plastic. More expensive to install initially than wood, we highly recommend composite materials if possible, to ensure fewer upkeep costs in the future.

Why use a composite material?

A composite material offers so many benefits for your outdoor deck. It is proven to perform better than natural wood in a whole range of properties including longevity, maintenance, and performance. Known for its longevity, composite material holds its aesthetic for many years, particularly its texture and color. There are varieties in the types of composite but many are resistant to fade and scratches, so will decrease the cost of upkeep over the years. A final and exceptional feature is that many manufacturing companies offer a guarantee. Usually covering 25 years, you can be assured that your deck will look its best for many years to come!

Your options

The vastness of your options when it comes to composite decking is amazing. There are huge variations on aesthetics, with color and closeness to natural wood or not, to choose from. There are varying styles, shapes, and sizes, all of which enable you to take complete control of the look and feel of your area. As a flexible material it can be curved, which also offers variety stylistically that is harder achieved with other materials.

The design process

We know that this process can feel daunting, as there are so many options to choose from. You will be assigned an expert designer to work with closely, who will support you on your journey to create a yard that is just how you want it. Providing recommendations and suggestions, your one-to-one designer will custom design a space that is responsive and flexible to everything you want to include. From deck spaces to including accessories like built-in seating, pergolas, or even built-in spa centers, our goal is to create a space you love. Utilizing the many benefits of composite deck material will mean that you benefit in the long term from the fusion of natural wood and plastic elements.


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