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Deck Remodeling

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There are many reasons you may require deck remodeling. It may be due to age or poor installation that your deck has become unsafe. Or maybe you are just not a fan of the aesthetic anymore. For whatever reason, work with Frisco Decks Builder for the best deck building service around. With a custom design service by experts in deck designing, you can be assured that the process of designing your space will be made as enjoyable as possible. Removing any stress, our team supports you through your decision making, providing recommendations and advice as you need it. With a careful process of removing your existing deck, performing preparatory measures, and any necessary repairs, before an excellent quality installation, we offer the best service from start to finish.

Custom designs

All of our work involves working with a designer to custom design a unique deck that suits you and your home perfectly. Able to incorporate a great number of accessories like built-in spas, built-in seating, or roof coverings, our designer will listen to exactly what you want, creating your perfect space just how you like it. Other parts of the new design to consider include style, shape, material, color, and detail. Our experts will help you through these decisions, making the experience enjoyable and supported!


There are so many options for your custom designed new deck. From style, to shape, to material, to color, to accessories, we are here to build you the perfect outdoor space. We work with a great variety of materials, all of the highest quality, so you can make your choice based on their properties and aesthetics, which our experts will be happy to talk you through. From natural wood to composite materials, we have something to suit every taste and every budget. We also offer a variety of accessories you can have incorporated into the design. Maybe a built-spa facility, built-in furniture, or a custom made overhead covering will be to your taste.

Removal process

The process of removing your existing deck depends on the current condition. We will carefully remove the structure, taking care to not cause any further damage. All waste will be removed from your property and we ensure that it is disposed of sustainably. Once the existing structure is safely removed, we can perform all preparation and repair measures required. Preparing the foundation as a solid base, and dealing with any areas of damage from the previous deck will be done efficiently and effectively; these initial stages set up your new deck to last!

Installation process

The installation of your new deck is performed by our team of extremely experienced installation builders. They work with the most up-to-date procedures and methods to ensure the utmost longevity and durability. With high-quality materials and products, the installation is done with great attention to detail, ensuring neatness and beauty to the tiniest detail. Our installation team takes great care during this process, working efficiently to perform the best installation that means your deck will last!


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