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A pavilion can give your outdoor space that final touch to create a beautiful place that you love. Providing shelter from the elements, you can work with our designers to create a design that is perfect for your outdoor use. With an array of styles, materials, and details, our design team will creatively design a pavilion perfectly attuned to your preferences. With high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, working with  Frisco Decks Builder ensures absolute beauty and longevity.

What is a pavilion?

A pavilion is conventionally defined as a structure with a roof, open sides, and no built-in floor. Usually, 4-6 posts support the roof, attaching at the other end to a deck, concrete base, or patio. Commonly delicate and detailed, they blend beautifully with their surroundings, less obtrusive than other outdoor structures.  Most pavilions are rectangular but working with our design experts means that you do not necessarily have to conform to any of the traditions at all! They are creative and forward-thinking, working with you to create a space that you love- we want it to fit perfectly in your space, providing the role that you want it to.

Why choose a pavilion?

Choosing to include a garden pavilion in your landscape design offers many benefits. Primarily you are creating a beautiful space that is protected from the elements, making it useable all year round. You can design it to be a space that you love, with decorative elements that reflect your taste. Choosing a purpose often helps with your design. Do you want this to be a space where you relax, entertain, or dine outdoors? A pavilion can create this place perfectly, with our designers customizing the design to suit your preferences. Enjoy the shade in the summer, protection from rain in the winter; a pavilion offers a beautiful space to enjoy year-round.

Custom design

All of our projects are custom designed to suit you! Working with one of our expert designers, you will discuss your preferences before they go off and come up with a variety of design options. Once you have seen these, you will work together to edit these into a style that you love.  There is no time pressure, our goal is for you to be completely happy with your design, so we encourage you to take time making your decisions. The design means you have complete control over everything, from the architecture to the styling, to the detailing to the materials and color.


Traditionally a pavilion was constructed from wood, although now with our forward-thinking, creative designers and builders, the world really is your oyster! We only work with materials of the highest quality, so all of your options are guaranteed to be long-lasting and durable, maintaining their beauty for many years to come. With natural woods, composite materials, and other materials to choose from we can find exactly the right material for you. We also work with a great variety of paints and finishes so your pavilion will be just how want it.


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