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white wood pergola shade and a concrete floor

Does your garden need a change? Adding a beautiful pergola brings with it a focal point that divides an area for your specific purpose. A wonderful place to enjoy outdoor dining, or perhaps relaxation or entertaining, pergolas have been used decorative elements within gardens since Roman times! Work with us, your local experts, to custom design exactly what you will love.

What is a pergola?

A pergola is a decorative structure that is typically located over a deck or patio. It is constructed from beams and posts and will create a sheltered but airy space for you to enjoy. Because of its beauty, many people choose to feature the pergola as a focal part of their outdoor space. Our designers work with a great range of styles so can work with you to create a very traditional style pergola or you can choose to break away from tradition and design something that represents more specifically how you live, ensuring that it functions to the best that it can for you.

Why install one?

A pergola is a beautiful feature for your outdoor space. By working with our design experts you can create an aesthetic that you love, complimenting the rest of the architecture on your property. You can also use this structure as a way to divide up areas within your land, creating an atmospheric space for an established use like an outdoor eating area or a place to relax. The wonderful flexibility of working with a designer means that you can choose your priority. Would you like to incorporate a trellis concept so that plants can be grown up and around it? Or perhaps you would prefer a more enclosed space using a roof panel or sides.


There are so many possibilities when you work with a designer. This is your pergola, so we are creating it to suit you! Although the decisions may feel daunting, our team of designers will support you along the way, offering advice and recommendations, and listening carefully to your thoughts and ideas. Some of the decisions you will need to make include the style, shape, size, material, and color of the pergola. Many of these decisions will come organically, and as you go through the process you will gain a real idea of what you want (if you do not have one already!).

Roof specific options

You will work with your designer to unpick exactly what it is that you want from your pergola- what is its purpose? The traditional way of roofing a pergola is to have beams across the top that let in the light. This encloses the space to a cozy atmosphere, whilst retaining that outdoor feel and allowing the air to circulate freely. An alternative option that will serve other purposes, is to add some kind of more covered roofing structure. This could be a permanent feature, or removable. We can also design and build you removable side panels if this suits your preferences, or grow plants over the top.


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white shades and a concrete brick tile floor
wood shade in front of the house and a beautiful landscape
aesthetic white wood shade

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