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Wood Decks

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Adding a deck to your outdoor space adds a dimension of a separated area, creating a cozy and intimate setting. You can use this space for dining, socializing, or simply relaxing. By working with Frisco Decks Builder you give yourself the chance to work with our team of expert designers who will support you throughout the process, assisting you in making choices like the style, size, shape, and type of wood. We pay great attention to detail so you can be assured that everything will be just how you want it.

What is a wood deck?

A wood deck is an area constructed in your outdoor space made of wood. Traditionally it is slightly raised off the ground but with our custom design service, those traditional ‘rules’ are less relevant!

Why use wood?

Wood has many benefits when used for decking. As an affordable material that is entirely long-lasting and weatherproof, the material blends well with your surroundings, flowing seamlessly from nature into the defined area. It is also very flexible, making it easy for your custom design to be shaped precisely to your space and your preferences. Repairs are easier than other materials and so along the way, any damage can be dealt with quickly and easily. Finally, wood is an excellent material as the variations carry a variety of qualities. Sourcing a type of wood that matches your exact needs is entirely possible because of the vastness of diversity within wood types.

Types of wood

A wooden deck includes a great number of different types of wood that you can choose from. All wood materials that we work with are of the highest quality and where possible, locally sourced. We treat the woods with professional products to ensure the utmost durability and protection from damage. Having said this, the type of wood that you choose will affect the aesthetic, cost, performance, and maintenance of your deck over the years. Our experts will be happy to help you through this decision, explaining to you the many qualities that each wood has. We commonly work with hardwood, cedar, and redwood, all of which provide a beautiful decking that is durable and will sustain its aesthetic for many years to come.

The design process

We know that all these options may sound daunting- they do not have to be! As a friendly and supportive company whose priority is you, our design team is here to make this process as simple as possible for you. With clear explanations of each wood’s qualities, they will be happy to provide recommendations, as well as show you examples of each wood as a deck so you can get a real idea of what you are signing up for. This whole process is to achieve what you want, so there is no rush, we encourage you to take your time until you are certain you are happy. This design process will include all decision making, from layout and sizing to materials and accessories, and our team will help you all the way.


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